Our services


Services provided by AUDIT SERVIS

We provide the following services:

  • an audit of the financial statements and annual report,
  • bookkeeping services - double and single entry,
  • consulting in the field of bookkeeping,
  • consulting in connection with the selection of accounting programs,
  • consulting in connection with the negotiation of commercial contracts,
  • tax consulting,
  • consulting in connection with the setting up of trading companies or changes in their statutes,
  • assistance in the hiring and training of accounting and financial employees.

In carrying out audits, the main subject of our activity, we use methods based on Act 524/2000 Coll. on auditors and on amendment to the Act 165/1998 Coll. in its currently valid version and on auditing guidelines ensuing from international auditing standards.

The broad experiences of our employees enable us to provide audits and consulting both for trading companies and cooperatives involved in specialized business activities, in particular industry, commerce, construction and services, as well as for organizations financed from public funds or private grants.

We provide consulting services, including the maintenance of accounting also for individuals with a small or large range of activity and for entities within the so-called non-profit sector-for foundations, foundation funds, civic associations, public trading companies (v.o.s.) communities and other non-profit organizations.